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We Series 304 Kitchen Sink Appliances are an unparalleled leading manufacturing company and trading company who has been in the market space, all strong and steady, since almost two decades now. Over this long span of time, we have emerged as a name you can trust. Constant strife for being able to deliver something that the others can’t, makes us settle for nothing but the best. We have been manufacturing , designing and evolving high grade Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks bearing all the best and such flawless designs that make us stand apart in terms of reliability, durability and good will.

We drive our joy and delight from countless happy customers who have had us by their side through thick and thin.

About us


With our small but sturdy and firm baby steps we want to give every household a healing and hygienic cooking experience. We want to give each and every mom and even dads a taste of class, the class that every women deserves while she cooks happiness in her own magical way. We uphold the mission of making every Kitchen a smart one thereby making not only cooking but also the essential tasks like dish washing, which are often overlooked, a happy and hygienic experience and a joy for a life time. The mission of installing quality stainless steel sinks, that are not only durable but also a beauty of the kitchen, in the maximum possible tradition and modern kitchens, is difficult yet beautiful enough that makes us keep going and our journey worth-while!


We as a company want to grow with our ever growing customers, who are not just customers but are an extended family to us. We are a set of enthusiastic entrepreneurs that a dynamic combination of age old experience and constant urge to experiment has given rise to. We adorn your Kitchens the way we love to adorn ours, in a zillion little ways.

Over the period of time, we want to grow as and to be a company that provides not one but all the amenities that your little cozy kitchen deserve to become a happy place for you to cook, a place where you won’t mind spending time in, cooking, relishing the experience and creating memories. Afterall, every kitchen dreams to become a smart one, doesn’t it?


We aspire to grow not just as an enterprises, but as a contributing entity in the Society, creating something that is of some substantial value and aids in the betterment of the existing scenarios. Serving the masses with whatever we have got to offer, we aspire to touch as many lives as possible in however little ways we may.

R & D


Innovation is exciting! Innovation is growth and survival at the same time. We love to innovate new things in accordance with the new ideas that keep popping up in the innovative minds of our utterly adaptive and honestly dedicated team members for whom Series 304 is not just a workplace, but a purpose the live for every single day.

We are working on incorporating some really sophisticated technologies with the traditionally simple products thereby making them Ultra-modern and making your lives beautiful !


The first and the foremost specialization fact of team of Series 304 lies in the fact that in any given scenario, our client remains our topmost priority. Client satisfaction is something that is considered to be the reward for all the pain taken by us in serving them.
The other strengths being absolute transparency in the dealings, ever-affordable prices with no compromise with the quality and last but not the least, the energy and enthusiasm of young hands and wise brains of our team members.


Series 304 is known for its unparalleled and unbeatable post sale services. Also, the deliveries of the products are taken care of very professionally. Over the years we have established reliable tie-ups with some of the best carrier companies in the market thereby making our delivery chain super quick and reliable.
Packing - The packaging is given special care. Our products come in durable and beautiful packaging. Also they can be customized as per the customers need in & on cases.
Timely Deliveries – We deliver what we promise, WHEN we Promise Deliveries of the orders are executed in the promised time frame.
We are always available to hear from you if our issue comes up at the clients end.


Partners, Distributors and Retailers from across the company are welcome to forge a long term association with us.
Together, we wish to form a nation-wide supply chain – distribution channel symbiotic relationships help everyone grow. Series 304 always wants to execute the things that are in the best interest of its channel partners.
Feel free to ring us on – 8700408191 for any queries that you may have regarding becoming our distributors.

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